This is not a 1to1 translation of the original Thyria Steamfantasy but rather a 2.0 with Story and Background development. Do not worry if you are used to the German Version. The new version is cast into the same mold and should feel totally familiar. And if you do not like the english remake. Rejoice. The German Version is tollay playable and complete to use. It is also free. Enjoy:

It is just that so many years have passed since the original Thyria was invented and now Steampunk seems to be a trend instead of something totally weird and unknown. This of course also changes a bit how we view or world of Yarhte and how we want to develop the game to stay true to its weirdness. Thyria specialty is that it is fantastic while known, different then Steampunk by NOT changing history of the earth but rather generating the Steampunk feel via an own technological development different from what happened on earth. Added to this are some mystical, fantastic and magical items that make this game Steamfantasy rather than Steampunk. For us Steamfantasy, when we coined the term in 1997 means that it is still definitely Steampunk put with magical and fantastical element in a different world then earth. So the emphasise lies on an alternate reality reminding us of the 18th, 19th and 20th century including civilizations and mindsets. Nowadays it is popular to have Steampunky elements in most fantasy background. This is different then what Thyria Steamfantasy is doing for 15 years now.

Please feel free to sign up, leave comments and make an impact on further development. The new Thyria development wants your input!

…It was not long before C returned with the message cylinder that came in via pressure post. This one looked aspecially important. B knew that. It was not a standard algaeplast one. It was the high polished messing one. And a tamper proof one too. Law firms used these, or private practices, or detectives, or high level state officials.
B made but a stop to her train of thought. “Just open it!” she exhaled a bit unlady like. These special deliveries made her always a bit uncomfortable since the incident a few years ago. A misinterpreting her said. “Do not worry it is not ticking!” At least not right now.
“We can not open it without the key!” C interjected. Her looks bemused, her eyes going back and forth between A and B. Only if they send a message of identification and compliance to the address on the cylinder a next tube message would contain the key to this cylinder.

C opened the small message pouch on the side of the message shell and her eyes grew wide. “I would say we got ourself a new job. Or at least our charade is up and we have to move.” she read the message. “The sender is anonymous and asks us to send ID card copies to a numbererd recipient if we agree to meet with him. It is about us working for him on special, to be defined engaement.” She looked up. This was a bit on the paranoid side but nothing they had not encountered before, especially since they had come to this island. People were careful here. “Do it” B said quietly. She took up a small leather wallet from somewhere under her front lacing. The tiny wallet contained a stack of cards. She carefully with spread, slim finger chose a single card out of a single pouch each. “Lets use these” she handed one time ID card copies for Frau von Jäger a recently immigrated Lady from the continent, her driver Helmut Binsenbinder and her tomboy local cousin Charlene “Charlie” Untief. She handed the IDs over and explained the details quickly. C and A smiled when he saw that B was picking these personas which were easy to use as they closely matched there current ones. It would burn the Jäger set off identities but also show the employer that they took no chances and could easily disappear from the scene. No one difficulties obtaining new IDs or having only one set would spend it for IDing a message cylinder. B was just very careful about leaving data traces that could be combined into a full profile by auto calculation. Every year the systems got more and more interconnected in sharing stacks.

B was handed the id stacks cards again, she took out small puncher and put a timecoded command on the fake citizens ID card. The small machine klicked several times, punching new holes into the algaeplast while she was typing. The ID card would be checked against the agents public record stack. These new IDs C had tube-filed only a short while ago through a sidepipe access of the state agency for waste water processing, directly into the main archive of the citizen registrars office. The punched command made sure the ID card check would work against Fräulein Jäger and not Frau Gräber and the query not be recorded by the registrars security d-unit.

For normal citizens ID sending was a failproof way of making sure a tube recipient was the right one. If the ID on the recipient address and the ID send in for checking were in existence and correct the next tube message would contain the actual delivery. This was an automatic process used for confidential letters and tube shopping orders thousands of times every day. Would the ID check positively they would receive a keycard in a second tube cylinder to unlock the first.

B was sure she could also have keypunched the message cylinder open but that could always destroy the message or even set a boobytrap in the cylinder. Stacking keylocks with brute force also took time. The sender wanted something and he showed trust in the recipient. Otherwise he would have used the reverse process messaging process: First running the ID check and then sending out the message. He had send out the message first making a statement that the delivery system was what he did not trust, not the recepient. There was a whole complex etiquette on pressure tube messaging. Especially in their business…

Dear fellow Steampunk addicts. Please welcome me as the new name behind the awesome German Steampung RPG Thyria Steamfantasy.

I have started sighting all the TSF stuff that has been lying dormant on the harddrives at the Steamfantasy authors.

Last week I started thinking about were I want Thyria Steamfantasy to go in its current form and in the English version. I might even want to release some German expansions that are almost finished. I am not yet sure. For all the stuff that is available look here.

First thus I think I want to produce a Quickstarter in English and I already fired up my Scrivener for that. This is a good way for me to explore how the look and feel will be. Stay tuned.

As this will be kind of Thyria 2.0 please bear with me if there are small changes to the setting. Part of the deal of me taking over the Universe was my ability to bring my own ideas into it. After all there has been changes in the Universe since the original release in 1997!

Do not worry it will still feel like Thyria. So I will keep it real 😉


YASU Tomio


While a new Iteration of Thyria is in the works it also has been very quite in terms of new material for a long time.

Over the years we always wanted to rework everything, translate it into English, offer more rule options develop the background (into other games), but reality struck. A full-filling day time job and family life takes a lot of energy.

I pass on the torch to my good friend YASU Tomio who will from now on take care of the projects related to Thyria Steamfantasy and hopefully will regularly fill this part of the website with the new and shiny English version he is planning.

Fun, Luck and Success!