Dear fellow Steampunk addicts. Please welcome me as the new name behind the awesome German Steampung RPG Thyria Steamfantasy.

I have started sighting all the TSF stuff that has been lying dormant on the harddrives at the Steamfantasy authors.

Last week I started thinking about were I want Thyria Steamfantasy to go in its current form and in the English version. I might even want to release some German expansions that are almost finished. I am not yet sure. For all the stuff that is available look here.

First thus I think I want to produce a Quickstarter in English and I already fired up my Scrivener for that. This is a good way for me to explore how the look and feel will be. Stay tuned.

As this will be kind of Thyria 2.0 please bear with me if there are small changes to the setting. Part of the deal of me taking over the Universe was my ability to bring my own ideas into it. After all there has been changes in the Universe since the original release in 1997!

Do not worry it will still feel like Thyria. So I will keep it real 😉


YASU Tomio